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Hello, please help me identify these...
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PostPosted: Mar 03, 2018 17:57    Post subject: Hello, please help me identify these...  

Hello everyone, I'm new to this site. :)
Please help me identify these specimens I found by a shore.
Location is near South New Brunswick, Canada.
Looks like Petrified wood. But at the same time, it looks like Jet.
You can make out the wood like formations...

I have a few theories on what they could be or where they could originate from.
Since we have one of the worlds Tidal bore River, I have a feeling it got brought in with the current.
My thoughts as to where? Either Brier Island Nova Scotia. There's a fissure line that comes up that island, which was formed by a violent pass.
My other theory, which is farther ...some explosion from the Azores Islands a long time ago. The current could possibly have swept it all inland towards our shores?

What's you're thoughts?

 Mineral: Unknown
Bay of Fundy / New Brunswick
6 inches x 2 inches
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 Viewed:  422 Time(s)


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Pete Modreski
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PostPosted: Mar 05, 2018 13:26    Post subject: Re: Hello, please help me identify these...  

Dear Antag76,

I think your best guidance for now and the future is just to keep reading and looking up information about rocks, and look at displays in museums (or at rock and mineral shows) whenever you have a chance, and as you gradually learn more, you'll come to have the kind of familiarity that will help give you a better idea yourself, what rocks like this are.

It is sometimes hard to be sure about specimens, just from a picture (hence, as Pete Richards said in response to your other picture posted, please do refer to our guidelines about tests and observations you can try to make, to provide more information about a specimen).

As to this one--a banded rock, even a metamorphic rock such as this one MAY be, can have a texture that looks a lot like petrified wood; many of us have been fooled by finding a piece of schist or gneiss that resembles (but is totally unrelated to) petrified wood. So, this COULD be such a metamorphic rock; or, it could be a piece of some kind of volcanic rock (I believe there is much of that, along the N.B. coast).

It does not look terribly like petrified wood. Some ways to decide--look at it close up, with a magnifier or low-power microscope; does it appear to contain grains of mica, quartz, and other minerals? (If mica--likely a metamorphic rock.) It is not at all like jet--which is a solid, uniform, black glassy-looking very fine-grained type of coal, which is also very light-weight and soft. Most petrified wood is composed of smooth-textured, fine-grained (cryptocrystalline) quartz--essentially, the same as agate or jasper; smooth, and very hard.

If you are not so familiar with some of these rock types and minerals--get a book about rocks & minerals, and, there are many websites where you can browse basic information and pictures of rocks & minerals, and gradually learn more.

Best of luck learning more!
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