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25 May-07:49:44 Re: the mim museum in beirut, lebanon (Bob Morgan)
25 May-07:12:18 Re: es -semara chalcedony (Amir Akhavan)
25 May-06:21:18 Re: red quartz (Mathias)
25 May-05:12:50 Re: the mim museum in beirut, lebanon (Tobi)
25 May-05:06:33 Re: red quartz (Tobi)
25 May-02:59:02 Red quartz (Mathias)
24 May-20:11:45 Es -semara chalcedony (Amir Akhavan)
24 May-01:32:57 Re: the mim museum in beirut, lebanon (Mim Museum)
24 May-00:13:58 Re: collection of volkmar stingl (Volkmar Stingl)
23 May-16:50:42 The mizunaka collection - quartz (Am Mizunaka)
23 May-10:35:25 Re: don lum collection (Don Lum)
23 May-10:29:14 Re: more label translation (Peter Lemkin)
23 May-08:35:32 Re: collection of michael shaw (Michael Shaw)
23 May-03:49:25 Re: more label translation (Tobi)
23 May-03:17:33 Re: don lum collection (Carles Millan)
22 May-23:22:42 Re: don lum collection (Don Lum)
22 May-18:50:58 Boldut mine - silvia's collection (Silvia)
22 May-13:15:43 Re: more label translation (John S. White)
22 May-13:13:02 More label translation (Jesse Fisher)
22 May-03:40:56 The mizunaka collection - fluorite (Am Mizunaka)
22 May-02:09:44 Re: the mim museum in beirut, lebanon (Mim Museum)
21 May-20:19:13 Re: the mim museum in beirut, lebanon (Silvia)
21 May-19:11:50 Re: presentation of new members - joćo luz from lisboa, portugal (Joćo Luz)
21 May-19:07:30 Re: is this a ruby? (Joćo Luz)
21 May-07:25:51 Re: need help identifying this rock (Roger Warin)

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