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19 Apr-22:15:36 Re: help with id (Steveb)
19 Apr-22:08:47 Re: id help. Quartz, beachstones... (Steveb)
19 Apr-21:26:09 Re: can you help identify? (Steveb)
19 Apr-19:55:36 Re: help with id (Bob Carnein)
19 Apr-17:08:42 Help with id (Ricardo Melendez)
19 Apr-16:45:31 Re: id help. Quartz, beachstones... (Alfredo)
19 Apr-15:43:54 Re: id help. Quartz, beachstones... (Wynnek)
19 Apr-15:39:12 Re: id help. Quartz, beachstones... (Kevin Schofield)
19 Apr-15:09:52 Re: id help. Quartz, beachstones... (Bob Harman)
19 Apr-14:43:52 Id help. Quartz, beachstones... (Maine)
19 Apr-14:20:00 The mizunaka collection - quartz (Am Mizunaka)
19 Apr-13:49:14 Re: lapidary closed (Rweaver)
19 Apr-12:08:54 Tucson show 2019 - el conquistador (Arizona Show)
19 Apr-11:56:32 Re: can you help idendify? (Kevin Schofield)
19 Apr-10:31:45 Re: lapidary closed (Jadeybird)
19 Apr-10:02:33 Re: death of heimo hellwig (Peter Van Hout)
19 Apr-06:51:00 Re: death of heimo hellwig (Jordi Fabre)
19 Apr-03:30:04 Re: lapidary closed (Tobi)
19 Apr-03:26:52 Re: death of heimo hellwig (Tobi)
19 Apr-01:32:50 Re: death of heimo hellwig (Fiebre Verde)
18 Apr-23:49:15 Re: lapidary closed (Bob Harman)
18 Apr-23:36:10 Re: lapidary closed (Cakattack)
18 Apr-23:18:47 Lapidary closed (Jadeybird)
18 Apr-21:06:31 Re: help identifying metal (Alfredo)
18 Apr-20:46:04 Re: help identifying metal (Mikehancho)

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