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How does "Mineral Exchange Area" work?
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PostPosted: Aug 20, 2008 03:17    Post subject: How does "Mineral Exchange Area" work?  

We have created a new forum called “Exchange Area”. In this forum you can upload mineral specimen pictures you are interested in sharing and exchanging with other Forum visitors.

There are some rules:
- 25MB per month and per person limit.
- All the messages after 30 days that have no reply will be automatically deleted in order to avoid having a kind of “exchange’s cemetery”. However, if you want, you can upload the deleted message again with the same or new pictures.

Each exchange proposal must start a new topic by clicking the button “new topic” you will find when you enter in the “Exchange Area” forum. This way we can see all the mineral proposals separately.

Please try not to cross messages about the exchange in the topic area. Anyone interested in the specimens published should contact the person who has posted the topic directly. Please, when you propose an exchange publish also your email address. Please note that you should do it this way:
to avoid our anti spam system. Also, please don’t publish website addresses, so we can avoid “dealer tricks”.

Although I will check the posts to this area, I decline any responsibility, past, present and future, for problems that users of this area may have and any kind of disputes and problems that may occur between users.

Let’s go folks! We hope this section becomes very popular. We apologize for any mistakes we may commit. Any proposals to improve the “Exchange Area” will be more than welcome.

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