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Jordi Fabre
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PostPosted: Aug 17, 2009 11:29    Post subject: Threads and topics  

Jim wrote:
....That topic is not covered here per se. I think Jordi simply wanted to start a new thread based on a personal question I asked Carles....( https://www.mineral-forum.com/message-board/viewtopic.php?p=6770#6770 )

Using Jim's words (again ;-), I would encourage all members & visitors of & to this Forum to create new topics. If I split threads frequently it is because they tend to become too long and finally confusing, because during their trajectory several different topics grow inside the same thread.

It is my feeling that when a new thread starts, people are enthusiastic, publishing many messages, and then, slowly, the thread "decays" and new topics appear around the original topic.

For several reasons it is much better to discuss many different topics instead of having just a few long single topics. To give an example, when it is necessary to search some topic already discussed here, it is 10 times easier to do it if that topic is located in a short thread related with the topic itself than if mixed with many other topics inside a long thread.

Yes, I can create threads, yes I can split threads creating new ones, but as I'm not a native English speaker this isn't a easy task for me, and time to time (or always ;-) I can generate an incorrect title for the threads.

What I'm saying here is that considering that the "vitality" of FMF will increase a lot if many topics are frequently created, I would like request all members, especially the older ones, to try to do a small effort and create new threads instead of mixing different topics in the same thread. Then the interest in FMF will be higher and my life easier! ;-)

Gail is about the number one of new topics, well created and well managed. Continuing her example, opening some different discussion lines would be a richness that all of us would enjoy....


Audaces fortuna iuvat
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