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An under reported consequence of climate change sea level rise.
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PostPosted: Jun 09, 2021 20:09    Post subject: An under reported consequence of climate change sea level rise.  

As a consequence of climate change, since about 1980, or the last 40 years, sea levels have risen about 2 inches. With continued climate warming, it is estimated that by 2100, or within the next 80 years or so,
the sea levels will rise another 8 - 10 inches or a total of about 1 foot (.305 meters).

There will be many many major ramifications if this sea level rise comes to pass.
Here I present an under appreciated consequence.

Several months ago, I spent a few weeks at our family property in Jackson Wyoming. The sign pictured below is not far from Jackson Wyoming. Several weeks later, back home,
I had reason to be at the Monroe County Indiana courthouse. On their front lawn was a sign: Monroe County Indiana 794 feet above see level.

Suddenly it dawned on me that with a sea level rise of 1 foot, absolutely everything will be 1 foot closer to the relatively higher sea level!!!
Every worldwide sign for every hill, mountain, village, town, and city, etc along with every elevation noted in every book, paper, or publication will have to be revised down 1 foot, relative to the 1 foot rise in the sea level.

This sign in 2100 will then read: Continental Divide Elevation 7987. Get ready to start revising every elevation on everything! An amazing lot of work to be done!!

Of course we can look at a more or less positive aspect of this. For those who use the metric system, it may be many hundreds of years, or never come to pass, that all elevations will be 1 full meter closer to the sea level. :) Bob

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