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I thought I might show how I keep these large examples
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Bob Harman

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PostPosted: May 27, 2021 09:47    Post subject: I thought I might show how I keep these large examples  

Bob Harman wrote:
Two additional examples. The first can be seen to include its surrounding limestone matrix.

The very freshest finds either include the matrix or are extracted from it. This example is an interesting Baryte crystal with different shaped phantoms than the final terminated crystal. The Baryte is surrounded by dolomite groupings, all on quartz. Self collected about 2007.

The second example is a well displayed large geode with complex inter-grown calcites, dolomite and Baryte. One of the larger calcites near the middle of the cavity is doubly terminated. Collected in the 1990s.

Monroe County, Indiana, USA
 Dimensions: About 18 cm
I have both halves of this example, originally posted on October 2, 2016, about the middle of page 4, on Indiana minerals.I thought I might show how I keep these large examples.I first decide which ones I keep both halves of based on the quality of the break and the quality of what is inside each half.If both halves are to be kept, I make a small ink mark on the edges so lining them up in the future becomes easy.Then I use newspaper plastic wrappers to cushion the edges against inadvertent chipping. This really helps.Finally, I used to use rubber bands to hold the halves together, but now use masking tape, as seen, so that I can write notes about the specimen, independently of the specimen label.
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