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COVID-19 and self-isolation
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PostPosted: Mar 22, 2020 21:36    Post subject: COVID-19 and self-isolation  

Here at BlueCap Productions, we recognize that these are extraordinary, and dangerous, times for all of us. Never in my wildest nightmares did I imagine that we'd ever have to face something that would bring our entire community to a screeching halt. I guess I just didn't think big enough.

I've heard many stories from fellow mineral collecting people in Northern Italy about the situation there and I've URGED other, as strongly as I can, to take this seriously and take your precautions otherwise we'll be in the same, tragic, situation as Italy.

So other than washing your hands and sneezing/coughing into your elbow, one the best things we can do is self-isolate. And yes, we need to be prepared to do this FOR A WHILE.

It's going to be tough both spiritually AND economically but it something we NEED to do to help stem the tide of this new coronavirus.

Feeling a bit helpless, we thought that MAYBE if we release all of our What's Hot.. programs from 2019, it just MIGHT help a little bit in keeping people occupied.

So please feel free to spread the word. All What's Hot... programs have been launched of YouTube so EVERYONE can watch these programs for FREE and without any kind of registration.

What's Hot In Tucson: 2019

What's Hot In Ste.Marie: 2019

What's Hot In Munich: 2019

So please, enjoy and STAY SAFE!!!!

Bryan Swoboda
President, BlueCap Productions
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