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07 Jul-17:55:33 Re: new technology for crystal models (Josele)
07 Jul-17:42:46 Re: collection of sante celiberti - a mineralogical trip through italy (Firmo Espinar)
07 Jul-16:22:42 Re: collection of sante celiberti - a mineralogical trip through italy (Sante Celiberti)
07 Jul-16:19:22 New technology for crystal models (Bob Carnein)
07 Jul-13:51:12 Popular minerals - laurentthomasite (Jordi Fabre)
07 Jul-13:40:22 Re: don lum collection (Don Lum)
07 Jul-11:08:49 Re: collection of volkmar stingl (Volkmar Stingl)
07 Jul-10:55:27 Re: collection of volkmar stingl (Volkmar Stingl)
07 Jul-09:40:41 Re: collection of firmo espinar (Firmo Espinar)
06 Jul-16:03:50 Re: collection of sante celiberti - a mineralogical trip through italy (Sante Celiberti)
06 Jul-14:02:46 Re: tourmaline? ural mountains? (Peter)
06 Jul-08:16:02 Re: tourmaline (Jordi Fabre)
06 Jul-07:30:08 Re: tourmaline (Bob Morgan)
06 Jul-01:05:33 Re: tourmaline (Peter Lemkin)
05 Jul-19:44:20 Re: tourmaline (Josele)
05 Jul-16:14:43 Re: tourmaline (Roger Warin)
05 Jul-16:12:10 Re: tourmaline (Bob Carnein)
05 Jul-16:00:27 Re: collection of sante celiberti - a mineralogical trip through italy (Sante Celiberti)
05 Jul-15:53:10 Re: tourmaline (Bob Morgan)
05 Jul-09:04:13 Re: tourmaline (Josele)
05 Jul-07:34:32 Re: tourmaline (Roger Warin)
05 Jul-06:45:51 Re: tourmaline (Mathias)
04 Jul-18:20:35 Popular minerals - elbaite from pederneira claim (Jordi Fabre)
04 Jul-16:53:00 Collection of bergur e. Sigurdarson (Bergur_e_sigurdarson)
04 Jul-16:06:30 Re: don lum collection (Don Lum)

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