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23rd GeMin 2009 International Mineral Show in Athens, Greece
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PostPosted: Jan 30, 2009 21:04    Post subject: 23rd GeMin 2009 International Mineral Show in Athens, Greece  

Dimitris Minatidis sent to me the message below announcing a new edition of the Athens Show. I publish it here to give publicity to his ad.

23rd GeMin 2009 , Athens , Greece

30 January 2009
Greetings !
Come in Athens this year !
Expand Business in the Market of Southeastern Europe ! Increase Sales ! Promote IN LIVE your Minerals,Gemstones and Fossils in a fast growing Market!
23rd GeMin 2009 International Mineral,Gemstone,Jewellery and Fossil Exhibition , 27-28-29 November 2009 , Athens ,Greece!
We also provide excellent advertisement services in the most popular Hellenic-English magazine for Minerals,Gemstones and Fossils in Europe : ORYKTOLOGIKA NEA-NEWS ON MINERLAS ISSN 1011-5870.
For more information visit our site in the web or feel free to write back.
Kind Regards,
Dimitris Minatidis,M.Sc.,AGCC
GeMin Manager
Tel. +30-213-025-8688
E-mail : info(at)gemin(dot)eu
Web http://www.gemin.eu
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