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Ural Mineralogical Festival
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Rus Gem

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PostPosted: Jun 05, 2019 12:34    Post subject: Ural Mineralogical Festival  

Dear all. We are pleased to inform you about the Ural Mineralogical Festival, which will be held from July 3 to 21, 2019, in Yekaterinburg city, Ural region, Russia.

The festival program includes the following events:
- Yekaterinburg Mineral Show - The Regional Exhibition-Fair of Minerals and Russian Traditional Jewelry Arts
- Visiting the largest Malyshevskoe emerald deposit (emerald, alexandrite, phenakite, fluorite, euclase, etc.)
- Visiting the factory on processing and faceting of emeralds
- Visiting the unique crocoite mine
- Visiting the Lipovskoe tourmaline deposit (tourmaline, blue topaz, aquamarine, morganite, chrysoberyl, ruby, spinel, fire opal, etc.)
- Visiting the private amethyst mine, where the imperial amethysts are being mined, which are considered among the best in the world
- Visiting the famous Murzinka village and old mines of the 18th and 19th centuries for amethyst, blue topaz, heliodor, aquamarine.
- visiting the other mines for sapphire, emerald, demantoid, citrine, gold, platinum, etc.
- visiting the Ural State Mining University
- scientific conferences
- meeting with local geologists, prospectors, collectors, and jewelers
- master classes for the extraction of gems, and the making of mining tools, and cutting stones, etc.
- special program in 5 mineralogical museums
- folk celebrations, handicrafts fair.

Guests from abroad will receive presents and surprises.

The festival will be held during 3 weeks.
We invite you to attend this event one weekend, optimally 2-3 days, as you see fit.
If there is a need, we will assist you to obtain a visa.

Details, questions, information for guests, and applications - uralfest19(@)mail(.)ru

Welcome to Russia.

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